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Train With The Best

Our coaches are certified fitness professionals and competitive athletes

8 Days of Fitness and Adventure

You’ll have a packed agenda of training, adventuring, eating and chilling

Get The Best of Bali

We’ve connected with the best service providers in Bali to curate an unforgettable experience

Fitter, Faster, Stonger

A full week of chasing your fitness goals will have you feeling amazing

The best 1 week fitness retreat in Bali

Expertly coached fitness classes

Wanderlust Fitness Retreats offers a unique fitness camp experience in Bali, combining large group fitness classes with focussed small group sessions exclusive to the retreat group.

The fitness classes at the Wanderlust Training Camp cover typical CrossFit programming, with a mix of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Strength sessions, and Olympic lifting techniques. This combination provides numerous benefits for participants, both physically and mentally.

Olympic lifting techniques are taught by experienced and qualified trainers, who provide personalized attention to each participant, ensuring that they perform the lifts correctly.

Saturday Smasher

Every Wanderlust Training Camp includes attending the world famous Saturday Smasher 9am session at Wanderlust Fitness Village. This class frequently has over 100 members attend and always an incredible atmosphere.

 A Range of Optional Fitness Classes

Our training camps have a flexible base schedule which provides one to two training sessions per day.

There’s plenty of free time baked into the schedule, of which guests have full access to Wanderlust Fitness Village to use.

Outside of the retreat schedule, the gym is always available for open gym – or some of the group classes guests can jump in to are highlighted below:


METCON classes are similar to regular CrossFit WODs, running for an hour including warmup, movement instruction, setup, and workout.

The focus is on aerobic exercises, HIIT, TABATA, and diverse methodologies targeting most cardiovascular pathways.

METCON classes are designed for less heavy weightlifting and offer a bootcamp-style workout.


Mobility classes promote unrestricted movement in the body.

Purposeful exercises with self-awareness can help release tension and increase range of motion, flexibility, joint support, and decrease pain, injury, and recovery time.

This mindful movement enhances movement efficiency.


In this 60-minute class, we combine energy and fun with tightening, toning, and building your glutes.

The warm-up and program overview are 15 minutes, and the workout lasts 45 minutes, using a mix of free weights and booty bands.

This balanced class offers the best of both worlds, breaking down and growing your glutes while providing a burn for tightening, toning, and lifting.

Small Group Focus Classes

In addition to group fitness classes, the small group sessions at Wanderlust Fitness Village provide an opportunity to focus on specific fitness goals or areas of improvement. These sessions are led by knowledgeable trainers who provide individualized attention and guidance. This personalized approach helps participants to focus on any specific areas they’re working on and achieve their fitness goals.

Attending a Wanderlust Training Camp is an incredible way to connect with like-minded people who share similar fitness goals and interests. Wanderlust Fitness Retreats create a supportive and inclusive community, easy for guests to can make new friends with shared passions for health and fitness. This social aspect can help motivate individuals to push themselves harder and stay committed to their fitness journey even after the retreat ends.


“The perfect way to describe this trip is to grab a thesaurus and look up all the adjectives to the word ‘extraordinary’. I am under exaggerating when I say that this trip changed my life. If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. 11/10 recommend. You can expect very sweaty exercising, adventure, laughing until your face hurts, and your soul feeling as full as your belly (with all the great food you’ll be eating). Thanks to Jake and Dave for a perfectly run and exceptionally fun retreat.”



“Crazy good trip with awesome people. Everything you can imagine was already taken care of and if you wanted to do something other than what was on the schedule the crew helped make it possible. Lots of good times with good people.”



“Is there a 5 Star Plus option, perhaps a super like or love option? If so, I’d select them all! Wanderlust Fitness Retreats created an epic Bali experience for the truly amazing 25 souls that signed up! The best in the business and on the Island (Dave Driskell + Jake Richards) have formulated the most amazing week in paradise that I cannot stop raving about! They know the best of what Bali has to offer and the hidden restaurant gems. (The way to any crossfitters’ heart!) The Retreat schedule was a perfect balance between strength + performance, fitness + fun, rest + recovery and tequila + lime. The Retreat attracted a special group of people from all over the world who became a family in 8 days.”



Probably the best week I ever had in my life! Bali with amazing people and Crossfit? I mean what else do you want? The food, the Box, the Hike… everything was exceptional! Thank to the homies Dave and Jake!



I recently spent a week on the Wanderlust retreats with Sonny Webster and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. It was so well organised, the location was amazing, everyone was welcoming and accommodating at all times and I met some exceptional individuals. Thank you to everyone who made it happen.



Only been back a few days from the Sonny Webster retreat with wanderlust and I immediately want to go back ! Everything from start to finish was truly fantastic. Even though I came with a friend I absolutely would have no hesitation in going on my own . Everyone makes you feel so welcome. Seriously considering if I can squeeze another one in before the year is out !


Train at Wanderlust Fitness Village

Every training session of your 8 day fitness retreat is held at the epic Wanderlust Fitness Village, a fully equipped CrossFit gym complete with weight lifting equipment, private training lessons, group classes, a huge amount of open space, and a full recovery center.

Previously known as CrossFit Wanderlust, Wanderlust Fitness Village is a global attraction for the fitness minded adventure traveller, given it’s elite level of equipment, space and community.

In addition to being a fully featured fitness space and open gym, Wanderlust Fitness Village also include a full recovery zone including a 25m lap and chill pool, ice baths, jacuzzis and sauna, in addition to a wanderlust fit foods cafe with a focus on healthy breakfasts.

We’re here to get your fitness journey firing on all cylinders!

Pool at Wanderlust Recovery Zone
Wanderlust Fitness Village Bali

Burpees Completed

Laughs Per Retreat

Coconuts Daily

HIgh Fives

Gorgeous 5 Star accommodation

Stay together with your retreat mates in luxurious resort suites right on the beaches of Canggu.

Key Features

Expert Coaching

Your fitness will be challenged in a safe and controlled environment.

Clean and nutritious food

You are what you eat, and Canggu offers exceptional food options. Come hungry.

Strong Community

Friends are forged in the heat of workout battle. Strangers in the start, best friends by end of day exploring life through epic adventures.

Memorable Experiences

Explore rice fields, waterfalls, volcanos and beautiful Balinese temples

All Inclusive Fitness Programming

Our training caters to all ages and fitness levels through multiple movements and scaling options.


Chill, it’s part of the program. Bali boasts some of the greatest places to relax, catch a sunset beer or smoothie and let muscles and mind regenerate.

The best training, food and adventure Bali has to offer.

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