A week-long deep dive into Olympic Lifting, Strength and Mobility.
Hosted at CrossFit Wanderlust, Bali.

September 29th - October 6th 2019


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Improve your squat,

improve your snatch,

improve your overhead squat,

whatever that annoying lift is for you that seems to have hit a plateau.



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1. Train like a pro

The week programming will include either one or two fully instructed lifting sessions per day. With suitable rest factored in. In addition to theory sessions, physiological training and prepping for competition.

2. 5 Star Hotel

Our beachfront hotel has to be seen to be believed. Check out the photos down the page of what you’re in for.

3. Amazing clean food

World class, clean organic ingredients provide the foundation of every meal. You’ll eat better this week than you do at home.


Join Sonny as we also tour the best places in Bali and have a vacation you’ll never forget. 


Sonny takes you through all of the workouts and activities included our fitness retreat

Day 1

Arrive at the aiport and be greeted by our terrific driver Made, who’ll help you with you stuff and bring you up to the hotel in Canggu.

Explore around the pool, beach and area while everyone arrives, and get ready for the welcome party at dinner.

Tonight is a dinner out at a beautiful Canggu restaurant, where you meet the rest of the crew and start making new friends.

Tonight, dinner and drinks are on the Wanderlust Fitness Retreat crew

Day 2

6:00: Wake and prepare, hit up the breakfast buffet

7:30: Transport to Wanderlust

8:00: First session of the day. The first training day is typically a double session. Typically I’d start with a session on “How to teach the snatch and correcting faults”

9:30: Finish up at the gym, transport back to the hotel. There’s shower facilities at Wanderlust or you can jump in the pool back at the hotel.

DOWNTIME now until lunch, you can explore the area where there’s plenty of cafes, beaches, massage spas or even (as a lot 
of guests do) grab a nap.

15:00 Made will come collect you and the crew from the hotel for the afternoon wanderlust session.

17:00 Return to the hotel, shower, chill and get ready for dinner.

19:00 Casual dinner plans are made most nights. We give you the flexibility to have meals as a group or you can try new restaurants you’ve heard about.

Day 3

6:00: Wake up and hit the breakfast buffet.

7:00: This morning the surf guides will pick you up and take you to catch some waves.

Sometimes we head out Batu Bolong beach or maybe up the coast a bit to make sure we have some great swell.

Noon: Back to the hotel for lunch, chill, recovery and some sun tanning before the afternoon session.

15:00 Pickup for the afternoon Wanderlust session. Training Block 3

17:00 Return to hotel, get ready for dinner.

18:00 Scan the whatsapp chat group to see what the dinner plan is – check out the days shared training photos and push some to Instagram.

Day 4

6:00 Wake up and breakfast.

7:30 Made’s out the front ready to take the crew to the gym

8:00 – 10:30 Morning Wanderlust session, probably a larger 2hr session today. Then a post wod coconut and some showers before heading back to the hotel

Downtime from now until the second session of the day. Hit the pool, go for a surf out the front of the hotel, grab a nap in your 5 star hotel 
 room, even get a massage home delivered to your room. The options are limitless.

15:00 Made’s back to take you to Wanderlust. Pump out a second session, leave nothing in the tank.

17:00 Home, shower, chill and get the crew together for dinner.

Day 5

6:00 Sunrise yoga on the deck at the hotel. Beautiful warm weather and an incredible, colourful sunrise. Our wonderful yoga teacher take you through a morning routine to have you recovered from the weeks sessions so far and ready to smash the gym today

7:30 Hit the breakfast buffet and load up on all the fruit, eggs, bacon, pancakes, and oats you can handle.

For the morning you’ve got a full block of downtime here to do some more exploring, shopping and hanging out. 
 Bronzing also beckons. You are also free to hit the gym to work on any skills or accessory work that you’ve been 
 getting pointers on. It’s totally up to you.

15:00 Made is here to take you for the afternoon session. Today usually is “How to teach the Clean and Jerk and Correcting Faults”

17:00 Smoked from another huge session at the gym, time to shower, chill and get the dinner crew together. Will tonight be ribs? Indonesian? Beachfront vegan bowls?

Day 6

6:00 Rise and shine for a huge day. Get a big breakfast in, you’re going to need it.

7:30 Collection for Wanderlust for the first session of the day. Today is “Prepping for Competition”.

9:30 Return from the gym, grab your day bag and a camera, as today we’re jumping in the boat and headed for a day trip to Nusa Lembongan.

11:00 On the fast boat headed to Lembongan as you juggle your coffee to prevent it spilling from the boat gliding over the waves, We’ll be visiting the blue lagoon, going on a boat trip around the island, stopping for lunch and maybe a spot of cliff jumping.

17:00 Jump in with the dinner group, grab a quick wholesome bite, and be back home early for bed.

Day 7

07:00: Early rise and breakfast, possibly an extra moblity session early with Sonny before our first weights session.

09:00: Heavy session covering front squat, cleans and standing up out of the hole. We’re rested after a day on Lembongan so this session is appropriately hard. But we’ve got recovery after so it’s worth the push.

12:00: Made’s here to take the crew to Amo spa. Spend the afternoon/evening getting proper pampered with a luxurious massage, then afterwards recover in the sauna. Amo advise a cycle of Sauna / Icebath – then Steam / Icebath – then repeat until enlightenment is achieved. Or even just chill in the jacuzzi and watch the sunset over the rice fields.

18:00: Back to the hotel to get changed, put on your dancing shoes and jump in the car to head to Finns. The exit party is typically a huge night, a magnificent celebration of an incredible week. We’ll look after you until dessert, but after that the nightlife of Canggu / Seminyak awaits…

Day 8

Morning: Crawl out of bed whenever you want.

09:00: If you’re game there’s an optional session at Wanderlust with the 9am Sunday Smasher crew.

Noon: Gather for a last lunch together beside the pool.

14:00: Checkout from hotel. We’ll take you back to the airport if you’ve book flights out today.


JULY X, 2019 - BALI
SEPTEMBER 29th - OCTOBER 6th 2019

CrossFit Wanderlust Bali

Over 1000 square meters of indoor training space filled with barbells, ropes, sled tracks, pull up rigs, muscle up rigs, kettlebells and cool down areas. All situated in the rice-field dotted surf town of Canggu, Bali.

We’ve partnered with CrossFit Wanderlust to give you the space you need and the equipment you expect.

Our goal for the week is to provide expert supervision and coaching of all your olympic lifts – including drills and exercises to keep you developing after the camp. We also go through “how to coach” tuition, so you can use your new skills to help develop others. 

There’s also modules on prepping for competition and mindset.

Rest is also super important. We’ve ensured 5 star hotel suites with quiet, comfortable surrounds. It’s also beachfront.

A Paradise Setting

And nothing for you to do but show up ready to tackle your fitness goals!

At Wanderlust Fitness Retreats we do everything possible to set you up for fitness success here in Bali. Our team handles logistics for all transportation and activities. There is no need to worry about hotel reservations, airport transfer, or researching lunch locations, we got it covered. The Wanderlust Fitness Retreats team is packed with Bali lovers – so we can help plan your free time and nights out, to make sure you take full advantage of your getaway in Canggu.

Wondering where you will sleep? When it comes to accommodation, we know you will love the contemporary design, organic feel, premium location, and gorgeous beach views from the Five Star Accommodation we arranged for the week. It is a breach front location that does not disappoint!

During the retreat you will share a gorgeous duplex suite with up to two other attendees of the same gender. These triple rooms each have two floors, two bathrooms and plenty of space. Everyone will have full access to the hotel amenities, such as swimming pool and bar. Plus, when you are in Bali the surf and sand is never far away.

Not into sharing a room? No problem. We design our fitness retreats to be social, but we do not want to crowd or cramp your personal space. Therefore, if you want one of these spacious rooms all to yourself, go for it! A single room comes with an increase in price, and some additional privacy. You can indicate your preference when registering!

Private Room

Luxury Private Room
  • King Size Bed in premium private room with ensuite
  • Beachfront, 5 Star hotel
  • Collection and Drop-offs from the airport
  • All internal transfers between the gym, activities the hotel
  • Daily training together with Sonny Webster, held at CrossFit Wanderlust
  • Two sunrise and sunset yoga classes midweek to help with recovery
  • Gourmet welcome dinner and drinks at a fantastic Canggu restaurant
  • Farewell party with dinner and drinks
  • Daily healthy buffet breakfast
  • A full week access pass to Amo spa for unlimited Ice baths, steam and sauna, and epsom salt baths

Wanderlust Fitness Retreats