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Wanderlust Training Camp with Tammi

Wanderlust Fitness Retreats have curated another exciting, fitness packed adventure to squeeze the best out of Bali while keeping your fitness goals aligned.

Spend a full 8 days and 7 nights training with the best athletes in Bali, having all fitness sessions for the camp coached by Tammi, and get pushed further than you thought you could go.

Training out of the massive CrossFit Wanderlust in Canggu, Bali – a world class fitness wonderland – we’ve packaged an exclusive 5 star beachfront hotel together with exclusive meals at some of the best restaurants on the island.

You’ll train hard. Eat amazing. Sleep like royalty and adventure in paradise.

Tammi Robinson

Tammi is a South African born Australian, sharing her passion for fitness most recently at CrossFit Yas in Abu Dhabi.

Tammi is a 3 x CrossFit Regionals athlete (2014/2015/2016) and is dedicated to educating and helping people become better versions of themselves through health and fitness.

Island Paradise

Join Tammi here in Bali as we tour the best places on the island and have a vacation together you’ll never forget. 

Experience the Best of Bali

On Bali there is something to inspire at every turn, especially in trendy Canggu. While working out with Tammi, we don’t want you to miss out on experiencing Bali life. That’s why we have plans to get you out of the gym and around the island!

Tammi will be leading adventures to some of Bali’s best beach clubs and active attractions. We planned these extra activities to provide some personal time with Tammi and Dave and give you a unique opportunity to experience their favourite spots across the island.

The entire Wanderlust Retreat team is stoked to show you some of Bali’s secrets whilst having an epic fitness-focused holiday. Here are some of the highlights you will find on our fitness retreat!

Conquer a Volcano Hike

Making it to the top of Mt Batur before sunrise is no easy task, but then, few of the most rewarding experiences in life are easy. As a team, we will set out in the middle of the night to complete the 2-hour hike before the sun is even up. Professional guides will ensure you have everything you need to reach the summit and witness a breathtaking sunrise from the top.

Chill at a Beach Club

Visiting to Bali and skipping the beach clubs is like going to China and skipping the Great Wall. It just isn’t done. Finns Beach Club in Canggu is one of the best setups on the island, with access to the ocean, a stunning beachside pool, multiple bars, lounges, and eating areas. You will have a whole afternoon to enjoy Finn’s, coconut in hand, included in the cost of your registration.

Centre Yourself at Yoga

The Balinese believe a balanced life is essential to happiness and wellness. We agree. Meditation and yoga offer balance to our intense workouts at CrossFit Wanderlust. We have found incorporating yoga centers the mind and calms the body. Plus, we practice beachside and let some of Bali’s best yoga instructors lead the practice. Our sunset yoga should keep your Yin and Yang in perfect harmony.

Foster Total Wellness

Some of the best spas in the world are right here on Bali. In the Canggu area there are upscale facilities that offer day packages and beauty treatments or visit a local masseuse for a Balinese massage. These treatments keep your mind and body in sync and help speed up muscular recovery from our tough workouts. Lay down, switch off, and leave feeling totally recharged and ready for our next session!

All fitness sessions held at the epic

CrossFit Wanderlust

A Day-By-Day Itinerary

What you can expect from a typical week on retreat with the Wanderlust Training Camp

Day 1

First up, when you land in Denpasar, avoid the airport hassle by catching the private shuttle we arranged to take you from the airport to the stunning hotel we booked for the whole week.

Take the afternoon to check in, set yourself up, and unwind at the pool. Maybe grab your first coconut. Then we will head out for a welcome dinner with the full crew. I want to take you all out to one of my favorite places to dine in all of Bali.

Tonight, dinner and drinks are on the Wanderlust Fitness Retreat crew

Day 2

Rise and shine for a pre-workout breakfast with the gang. You will need the fuel, as your first day of workouts is a big one. After breakfast you are off to the World Famous CrossFit Wanderlust (CFW) in Canggu, where you will get right into my fitness programming for the week. The workouts will be no joke, so get ready!

There will be a break to re-fuel and re-group at one of Canggu’s healthy cafes, known for fresh, organic foods, and yes, coffee. Today is a double day of training sessions, so after lunch it is back to CFW for another workout. Then, the time is yours to explore Canggu. Get a massage, catch some waves (if you have any energy left), or just head towards the beach. Sunsets on Bali are best sitting on the sand, with a coconut or cocktail in hand.

Tonight we’ll take some time to do review some mindset training for both the week ahead and also your future training outlook. Focus is super important to help you get the most out of the week.

Day 3

Surfs up! Bali is known for its epic surf spots, and all levels are welcome during this morning’s surf lesson taught by some local pros. Afterwards, foodies rejoice! You are off to another one of my favorite eateries for a big lunch.

I’ll be leading an early afternoon session of HIIT training, and you will end Day 3 with a calming hour of sunset yoga. Where to have dinner will be up to you, but our team is always ready to tell you about some secret spots in the area.

Day 4

Tammi will lead the morning session at CFW and will push with you and the group. It is really helpful to learn new techniques to keep your workout interesting and challenging, and they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeve.

This is a double day again, so after some beach or pool recovery, Tammi will lead a training session back at CFW.

After the second session we’ll head directly to Amo Spa Canggu, where we’ll hit some intense recovery in ice baths, steam rooms and a sauna. There’s even a jacuzzi there. Guaranteed to make you feel a million bucks for day 5.

Day 5

You will start Day 5 with an intense morning session at CFW, followed by a post-workout cafe lunch, as a whole group. For the afternoon we have something special planned.

However, we recommend heading early to bed, as tomorrow the entire group will take on Mt Batur. The volcano is located in central Bali, so we have about an hour’s drive to start the adventure.

Day 6

Early to rise! The drivers will be pick us up around 2:00 am, which might not sound like fun, but this is one of my favorite parts of the whole week! We will be hiking to the peak of Mt Batur in time to watch an amazing sunrise! It is impossible to express how insane the view is from the top. If you want to see all of Bali at once, this is the place! Don’t forget your camera for this one!

We will be back to the hotel early. It is a great time to get a few hours’ rest, do some shopping, catch a wave, or just chill out at the pool. To end this incredible day, we have planed another sunset yoga session right on the beach.

Day 7

This morning will be our last private session at CFW, and it is sure to be a sweaty sendoff. Afterwards, you will have some free time to relax, sit by the pool, or take a final trip to the beach.

You want to be back on time because we’ll be going to the famous Finns Beach Club for drinks and dinner. We’ll lounge poolside all afternoon and evening, as we wrap up this awesome experience! And who knows where the night will go.

When your evening starts with drinks and laughter at Finns, anything can happen!

Day 8

The morning of Day 8 is harder than all the workouts and training sessions put together!

Although if you recovered from last night OK then there’s an optional session at Wanderlust at 9am. If you want to squeeze one more session in.

We will enjoy a last breakfast with new friends and start to say “see you later.” But we know you will leave with tanned skin and huge smiles from the memories created during the week.

Train in Paradise

Tammi will push you deeper through WODs than you previously thought you had the engine or desire for.

What you can expect:


We’ll mix up either one or two sessions per day, with one rest day in the middle of the week. You’ll be smoked.


Our beachfront hotel has to be seen to be believed. 5-star living and sleeping: check out the photos down the page of what you’re in for.


World class, clean organic ingredients provide the foundation of every meal. You’ll eat better this week than you do at home.

5-Star Beachfront Hotel

Actual photos of where we’ll be staying for the whole trip. The bathrooms are luxurious (with a claw foot bath!) and the beds are huge!

Private Room

Luxury Private Room
  • King Size Bed in premium private room with ensuite
  • Beachfront, 5 Star hotel
  • Collection and Drop-offs from the airport
  • All internal transfers between the gym, activities the hotel
  • Daily training together with Tammi Robinson and Dave Driskell, held at CrossFit Wanderlust
  • Two sunrise and sunset yoga classes midweek to help with recovery
  • Gourmet welcome dinner and drinks at a fantastic Canggu restaurant
  • Farewell party with dinner and drinks
  • Daily healthy buffet breakfast</ A full week access pass to Amo spa for unlimited Ice baths, steam and sauna, and epsom salt baths

Wanderlust Fitness Retreats