Wanderlust Training Camp

Experience the best fitness, food and adventure that Bali has to offer

2023 Camps:

January 29 – February 5
March 5 – 12
June 4 – 11
July 2 – 9
August 6 – 13
September 3 – 10
November 12 – 19

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Wanderlust Training Camp

Experience the best fitness, food and adventure that Bali has to offer

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Push yourself to the limit at the immense and fully featured CrossFit Wanderlust, Bali, whilst living on a beachfront 5 star hotel and having everything taken care of.

Here at Wanderlust Fitness Retreats we know how to put a perfect fitness week together. 

We’ve done it for leading fitness pros and we’ve built a bespoke week specifically for a Wanderlust Training Camp.

We enable constantly varied fitness by getting your program stacked with between 1 and 2 fitness sessions a day, supplemented with yoga classes, surf lessons and some quality downtime at a nordic spa – ice baths, steam room and sauna. 


Push yourself to the limit at the immense and fully featured Wanderlust Fitness Village, Bali, whilst living on a beachfront 5 star hotel and having everything taken care of.

5 Star Beachfront Accommodation

Luxury bedrooms, your choice of either triple share or private room

Sunset Yoga

Recover from all the WODs with a peaceful but tough sunset yoga session


Airport pickups and all internal transfers between the gym and activities in air conditioned vans

Wanderlust Fitness Village Training

A packed week of training, varying between 1 or 2 sessions a day, either in our World Famous classes, or in private group sessions.

Surf Lesson

Keep your fitness constantly varied with some waves at Canggu

Volcano Trek

Get up early for the beautiful sunrise view over Mt Batur

Launch and Close Parties

Bring your appetite to a big welcome party and thank you final dinner

Wanderlust Recovery

Ice baths, Steam room, Sauna and salt baths session at Amo Spa

Healthy Breakfasts

Beautiful clean and healthy breakfast buffets daily beside the pool


We’ve programmed a week of training and adventure to ensure you get the best Wanderlust experience possible.

Day 1

Arrive at the aiport and be greeted by our terrific driver Made, who’ll help you with you stuff and bring you up to the hotel in Canggu.

Explore around the pool, beach and area while everyone arrives, and get ready for the welcome party at dinner.

Tonight is a dinner out at a beautiful Canggu restaurant, where you meet the rest of the crew and start making new friends.

Tonight, dinner and drinks are on the Wanderlust Fitness Retreat crew

Day 2

6:00: Wake and prepare, hit up the breakfast buffet

7:30: Transport to Wanderlust

8:00: First session of the day. Your group lead will join  a Wanderlust Class with you to ensure you’re being looked after.  

9:30: Finish up at the gym, transport back to the hotel. There’s shower facilities at Wanderlust or you can jump in the pool back at the hotel.

DOWNTIME now until lunch, you can explore the area where there’s plenty of cafes, beaches, massage spas or even (as a lot 
of guests do) grab a nap.

15:00 Made will come collect you and the crew from the hotel for the afternoon Wanderlust session, this is a private group session for the camp. We may even make this a pool WOD depending on the group and the weather.

17:00 Return to the hotel, shower, chill and get ready for dinner.

19:00 Casual dinner plans are made most nights. We give you the flexibility to have meals as a group or you can try new restaurants you’ve heard about.

Day 3

6:00: Wake up and hit the breakfast buffet.

7:00: This morning the surf guides will pick you up and take you to catch some waves.

Sometimes we head out Batu Bolong beach or maybe up the coast a bit to make sure we have some great swell.

Noon: Back to the hotel for lunch, chill, recovery and some sun tanning before the afternoon session.

15:00 Pickup for the afternoon Wanderlust session.

17:00 Return to hotel, get ready for dinner.

18:00 Scan the whatsapp chat group to see what the dinner plan is – check out the days shared training photos and push some to Instagram.

Day 4

6:00 Wake up and breakfast.

7:30 Made’s out the front ready to take the crew to the gym

8:00 – 10:30 Morning Wanderlust session, then a post wod coconut and some showers before heading back to the hotel

Downtime from now until the second session of the day. Hit the pool, go for a surf out the front of the hotel, grab a nap in your 5 star hotel 
 room, even get a massage home delivered to your room. The options are limitless.

15:00 Made’s back to take you to Wanderlust. Pump out a second session, leave nothing in the tank.

17:00 Home, shower, chill and get the crew together for dinner.

Day 5

6:00 Sunrise yoga on the deck at the hotel. Beautiful warm weather and an incredible, colourful sunrise. Our wonderful yoga teacher take you through a morning routine to have you recovered from the weeks sessions so far and ready to smash the gym today

7:30 Hit the breakfast buffet and load up on all the fruit, eggs, bacon, pancakes, and oats you can handle.

For the morning you’ve got a full block of downtime here to do some more exploring, shopping and hanging out. 
 Bronzing also beckons. You are also free to hit the gym to work on any skills or accessory work that you’ve been 
 getting pointers on. It’s totally up to you.

15:00 Made is here to take you for the afternoon Wanderlust session. 

17:00 Smoked from another huge session at the gym, time to shower, chill and get the dinner crew together. Will tonight be ribs? Indonesian? Beachfront vegan bowls?

Day 6

6:00 Rise and shine for a huge day. Get a big breakfast in, you’re going to need it.

7:30 Collection for Wanderlust for the first session of the day. 

9:30 Return from the gym, and we fully advise to get your chill on. Grab a nap, take solid downtime, for tonight we climb the volcano.

12:00 Get a lunch crew together, take a walk up the street to Nude or Ruko or some of the other amazing cafes around.

14:00 Early collection for the second daily session at Wanderlust.

16:00 Return to the hotel.

17:00 Jump in with the dinner group, grab a quick wholesome bite, and be back home early for bed.


Day 7

01:30: Wake up and gather in the hotel lobby, bringing pillows and your hiking pack.

03:30: Arrive up at the foot of Mt. Batur – meet you hiking guide, grab a flashlight and set off up the trail

04:45: Beams of pink light will start appearing in the distance.

05:30: Arrival at the summit and crater rim. Chill with a hot coffee and experience the beautiful sunrise over Bali’s central volcano. Spend about an hour at the top watching the towns below and the sun head into the clouds, then head back down.

Downtime to contemplate an epic morning. Doze by the pool, grab a coconut and take your towel out the front to lie on the beach.

12:00:  Spend the afternoon/evening with a proper recovery session at the Wanderlust Recovery Zone. Chill in the pool, or chill even more in one of the three ice baths. Or even just jump in the sauna and  watch the sunset over the rice fields.

18:00: Back to the hotel to get changed, put on your dancing shoes and jump in the car to head to Finns. The exit party is typically a huge night, a magnificent celebration of an incredible week. We’ll look after you until dessert, but after that the nightlife of Canggu / Seminyak awaits…

Day 8

Morning: Crawl out of bed whenever you want.

09:00: If you’re game there’s an optional session at Wanderlust with the 9am Sunday Smasher crew.

Noon: Gather for a last lunch together beside the pool.

14:00: Checkout from hotel. We’ll take you back to the airport if you’ve book flights out today.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes. Travel Insurance is always a great idea when traveling internationally. To help make it easy for your to get travel insurance, even at the last minute, we have a deal with World Nomads. Click here for more information.

I'm new to fitness but I want to learn and hang. Is that cool?

Of course! A base level of fitness helps but we welcome all fitness levels! Most of the fitness sessions are designed so all ages and levels can participate. We know that fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. Our capable coaches can scale any of the workouts and most activities can be adapted if needed! It’s a good idea to speak with a doctor before jet setting to Bali, if you might have issues during some of the session or going on our adventure activities.

What are the age requirements?

All ages are welcome to join our fitness retreats. This is a trip entirely about you and your fitness. So, do not let feelings of being too old, too young, too busy, or too anything – keep you from joining us in Bali! In the past our retreats have ranged from ages 18 to 50, and we can’t wait to meet the next awesome group of participants.

Is there a lot of time to see other sites of Bali?

We do pack our days with training and activities because we want to give you an experience worth every dollar you pay, but we also schedule in some downtime. This is your time to explore the local area – if you want to hit up more massages, more food or just get your tan on.

Also, ultimately this is your trip. If you want to include a specific activity or arrange a particular experience on Bali, we can accommodate! Activities outside of the planned itinerary will not be included in the price of the fitness retreat, but our staff help find you the best possible rate! Also, we know you will love Bali, so consider extending your stay before or after the fitness retreat to see more of the island!

Wait, what about flights? Are they included?

We can’t include flights in the price because we don’t know what part of the world you’re coming from! So we left that up to you.

Speak to a travel agent, or use a website like skyscanner.com. Feel free to shoot us any questions you need with arrival/departure times.


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